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April 03, 2007


Very interesting post. This caught my attention:

"Can we balance such a large growth of dense population and nature? Is it possible on that scale? I guess time will tell, but it seems like such a delicate balancing act, one I'm unsure that government can make."

Maybe I'm just increasingly cynical these days, but I don't trust the government to be able to navigate that road or to even try.

Glad to hear you got back safe! We watched a video about Shanghai the other day in class (we're studying the relationship between China and France). Apparently, cars only became popular in the last 15 years, so there were once blue skies over the city and not so long ago...

Also, I recently came across a Chinese artist who lives in Paris. His work is an interesting mix of the European and Chinese traditions in painting (and caligraphy). He grew up in China during the cultural revolution, but ended up in Paris. Here's his website:


I've always been interested in China, but your trip has upped it on my radar, particularly with regards to the whole greening issue. Pics are great!

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